Welcome to my studio

Set up to photograph a completed block. I tucked the sewing machine under the table.

I began the WPA project a couple of years ago and finished 26 of the 30 blocks in the reproduction colors. Sure, I started with a goal and created a straightforward plan. I’m sure if I stuck with the plan the WPA project would be complete. I suspect multiple sessions with a therapist would reveal the deep-seated reasons why I deviate off my course. I could say this project is all part of the great juggling act of life as I strive to balance work, home, fitness, and time with my husband. I want to use my days off from work to sew and write and take photos, but every so often there comes the day when the best thing is all day in my pajamas watching Netflix.

There are also the days I see a pretty new fabric, or see an interesting pattern and say to myself, I want to make that! Then I’m off rooting through my fabric, seeing what I have that would make yet one more quilt top, the total of which now stands at 14.

Whether it is finishing one project or starting a new block-of-the-month, along the way I’ve taken a few creative detours. I come back to the WPA project in new way this year in photographing and videoing the blocks as I make them. This definitely slows the quilt making project. In addition to the time I spend at the cutting table and on then sewing the blocks, I am also checking the lighting and setting the shot. My small work space becomes even smaller with light boxes, tripods, studio lights, and the computer tethered to the camera.


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