My applique dilemma

It would be cliche to say I have a love hate relationship with applique. I’m not even sure I really love it. There is a part of me that enjoys the rhythmic tuck and stitch of needle turn. Then there is the part of me that wants to be finished and move on to the next lovely creative project.

My goal was simple – make a sample quilt using each of the blocks from the WPA prints. I breezed through the pieced ones. My plan was to work on them starting with the easiest and work my way to the more difficult planning on saving the applique blocks for last. Realizing this is a recipe for yet one more quilting UFO (unfinished object) I started hand appliquéing the simpler designs and am happy to say I completed five of the nine applique blocks plus four other pieced blocks with applique accents. The last four are the most challenging for the multiple small pieces.

I look at the prints and scrunch up my face deciding how I want to work them. I really could see them each as a center medallion and the little one inch birds and flowers would not feel so overwhelming to hand stitch. If I work the blocks at same 12 inch size as the rest of the blocks I am tempted to using fusible web and finishing the raw edge using the machine. A part of me rejects this idea because I want consistency in the finished look. A part of me is ready to fully embrace it because finished is better than perfect. Another part of me looks for a third or fourth option.


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